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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin that stops right here, i'm looking out for you. ♪ >> tucker: we begin with a fox news alert, senator jeff sessions of alabama has at long last been confirmed as the attorney general of the united states by a vote of his colleagues in the senate. final tally 52-47, senator joe mansion of west virginia, the only democrats to back sessions. he overcame unprecedented opposition from fellow senators, senator cory booker of new jersey directly testified against them, something that doesn't happen very often, senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts was sucked down by mitch mcconnell when she suggested that sessions was racist. the reaction from hugh hewitt, that's all coming up.
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comparing the trump administration to the third reich is so two weeks ago. this week in a new twist, "usa today" published an editorial claiming there are alarming similarities between senior white house advisor steve bannon and isis leader, both see the battle between clash of civilizations. deputy editorial page editor at "usa today," thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me? >> tucker: i don't think you're overstating this, the lead of this piece that claimant that steve bannon and abu bakr al-baghdadi of isis share a similar worldview, that's a verbatim quote. i want to play a quick game with you, it's called who did it. i want to put the record of steve bannon and we 13, were going to see who did what. number one, beheaded journalist journalists, al-baghdadi, chemical weapons on the kurds, employs child soldiers, another
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for al-baghdadi, mass executions of christians, declared a caliphate, you're getting the pointer. i don't think bannon has murdered a single yes edie. i get that you don't like steve bannon, problems with him i understand. comparing him to the head of isis come over the top, no? >> no. the problem with steve bannon is that he shares a dangerous idea that plays right into the hands of the al-baghdadi. al-baghdadi wants the war in the middle east to be between all of islam and all of the west. we are at war with eight psychotic death cult, a fringe of the islamic world. bannon agrees with al-baghdadi thatam and the west. we don't need to give it al-baghdadi at that propaganda victory. when the strategic advisor, the strategic leader of the white house bumbles into giving a strategic victory to our
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enemies, that's a really big deal. >> tucker: i guess several obvious points, one presumably al-baghdadi is talking about a literal war he's talking about wage and one, bannon is talking about a metaphorical war, he hasn't done any of the things we've listed as a screen. >> neither has barack obama, neither has donald trump. all three of them are leaders of the united states in our war with this french death cult of al-baghdadi, just because they don't pull the trigger doesn't mean they're not responsible for the war. >> tucker: bannon has been there a matter of weeks, you're not accusing them of atrocities, are you? i want to take your accusation seriously, he shares a similar worldview with the head of isis is really disproportionate in scale it's overstatement it diminishes your point, that's my view, you disagree. let's get to what you said here.
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you go after him in part using this phrase bannon said "islam is not a religion of peace but of submission. i think you would agree as a journalist that truth is a defense come as it turns out the word islam comes from the arabic root for the term that means submission. why is it out of monster say that? >> it's not out of bounds to say that. of course in the piece we talked about many of his quotes and we had our investigators listen to hundreds of hours of his comments on his radio show. the overarching idea that the west is at war with all of isla islam, that is not just a fringe death cult of murderers and crazies that where after is at the center of his idea.
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>> tucker: you're skirting a direct question. you listed this after the many hours you're investigators you just said listen to his tapes, you came up with "islam is a religion of submission. "i would remind you that according to islamic scholars including those in country, that's literally true, why would you include that in the piece, why is it offensive that's literally true? what's wrong with that? >> if that were all that he said that would be a statement of fact. >> tucker: it's a 400 word piece. >> you're completely dodging the central argument and you're not answering the argument >> tucker: we've got time, i'm axing you to respond to something the road and explain it. >> how is the west at war with all of islam. how did that advance our goals in fighting the islamic state and al qaeda and the other
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terrorist groups that are all across the middle east? >> tucker: if you're asking me that question directly i would say the west is not at war with all of islam or even with a large percentage of islam. >> then we agree. >> tucker: here's the problem with your peace and so much of our dialogue on this subject. it treats actual truths as verboten, there's something naughty about saying something that's literally true. literally true is as bannon and far be it for me to defend bannon as we said and you noted, he described islam literally means, we should be allowed to say it without saying that's wrong somehow. moreover, the truth is isis is fighting what it believes is a religious war against the united states against israel and jewish and christian countries. why is it wrong to say that out loud? it's true. >> if we had picked that one phrase and wrote an editorial about how that one phrase was
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horrifying -- go >> tucker: why did you include that? >> in the context of the editorial, it's all explained right there. >> tucker: >> tucker: you're not good answer the question. you're making the point >> you're still dodging the central point. in fact you agreed with the exact reason that we have criticized donald trump's visor. >> tucker: for saying that it's a religious of peace? that is true. if you can find a quote were steve bannon or anyone else that said we are at war with all muslims, i'll say with tv on tv that's insane, it's untrue, i would never defend that, that's just not accurate. you don't produce any court like that, you produce the quote like the one i repeated, you haven't accounted for it. you seem uncomfortable with acknowledging what isis is no
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problem acknowledging, they're motivated by religious fervor. it's islamic religious fervor, they don't speak for all muslims, there still acting under what they see as legitimate islamic belief spread >> i agree with you that they believe they are an islamic group. the west is not at war with all of islam. >> tucker: has anybody in the in administration said the west is at war with all of islam? that's a nutty statement. i would never defend it, that's insane, has anybody said that? set the time and place and i'll denounce it you can't because they have it and you know, come on let's be adults here for a second. they didn't say that, you're creating a strawman. let me ask you this, do you think that isis is waging what it believes is a religious war, and if you don't, why are they targeting and murdering christians? >> we didn't write anything saying that isis does not believe that they are fighting a religious war. >> tucker: so what is wrong with saying that they are acting
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out of what appeared to be religious motives? how does that hand them a propaganda coup. what do steve bannon or anybody? >> that's not what he is saying. >> tucker: tell me what he's saying, give me an example of what you think that he is wrong that he said, if not in your peace, perhaps you have a reserve from all your research or researchers have been doing, i want to know. if you've got someone who thinks were at war with indonesia that's like a massive problem for all of us. reveal the information that you've gathered and convinced me that he is the same as al-baghdadi. >> this is a cheap shot, i'm one editor on an editorial board, i didn't write this piece. you just made that up. >> tucker: you can write the piece. i assumed you were coming to speak on behalf of the
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editorial. >> i am here to speak on behalf of the editorial board. in fact, we told the white house and we told bannon that we were writing this piece. we sent them emails. and asked them to write an opposing view, they chose not to. >> tucker: okay, whatever, maybe they should have, i don't run usa today for it let me ask you a couple different questions because i'm interested. the idea is that it's crazy to be worried and i think you basically say that his dubious theories about the clash global religions has overwrought fears. so he may have overwrought fears, i don't really know but he may be does. a lot of americans are kind of worried about the expressions of islam they see on the news every night, thinking if a lot of people like that come here it's bad for america, you think those are overwrought fears what's mark why would people have those fears? >> i can certainly understand why people think that there is an extreme fringe of islam that we need to fight, that's
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something that republicans and democrats have agreed for a long time appeared in order to thriv thrive, al-baghdadi and the list islamic state need to convince a broad population in the middle east the west is after them. and we don't need to give them that propaganda victory. >> tucker: i've heard that a lot but we've had two presidents in a row, george w bush and barack obama both of them went out of their way to say islam is a religion of peace, were not at war with all of islam and they've repeated that message every day for many, many years, 15 years. and yet, isis still took over a huge portion of the middle east. they were fought back not with propaganda, but with weapons. where the evidence? >> we know exactly why the islamic state took over a big swath of the middle east. any listener to fox news and knows why, because president obama withdrew our troops prematurely from iraq and
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the remains of al qaeda in iraq became the islamic state end of the civil war in syria gave them a opportunity. this because barack obama made a huge mistake is not a good reason for a new administration to come in and add some new ones but it's you're right. i've agree with you, my only point is it wasn't because we were insensitive that we hated us, were out of time, there tell me. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: breaking news, senator jeff sessions of alabama has been can armed as the attorney general of the united states, this despite some substantial opposition and grandstanding from senator elizabeth warren, more details for what exactly happened were joined now by fox news correspondent, trace gallagher. >> as expected, confirmed on party lines but party lines drawn to deep in the sand with friction in the upper chamber growing by the hour. during the confirmation process, massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren attempted to read 81986
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statement by coretta scott king, the late widow of martin luther king jr. the letter opposed sessions then nomination as a federal district judge, accusing him of intimidating elderly black voters, here's what happened, watch. >> mr. president, i am surprised that the words of caretta scott king are not suitable for debate in united states senate. ask leave for the senate to continue my remarks but >> is their objection was mark >> i object. >> >> i hope you the bully. >> the objection is heard the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, blocked her from speaking for the remainder of the debate. that in turn sparked a backlash from democrats with connecticut senator chris murphy pleading rules against criticizing other senators cannot apply when you are debating the nomination of a senator. a senate majority whip john
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cornyn described a race to the bottom in terms of decorum appeared meantime, while we await the ruling for the ninth circuit court of appeals on the fate of president trump's temporary travel ban, he blasted the court calling them political. at a meeting in d.c. with local sheriffs and police chiefs, trump said the law allowed him to suspend the entry of all aliens is simple enough for a bad high school student to understand. we three everyone wants to call the court by his number so i won't call the court by us, we haven't had a decision yet. but courts seem to be so political. it would be so great for our justice system if they would be able to read a statement and do what's right. >> the president praise of his stomach previously called james robards who issued a stay on the travel ban eight so-called
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judge. short time ago, supreme court nominee gorsuch told richard blumenthal that the presence comments on judges are "disheartening and demoralizing." the white house said gorsuch was merely stating his views. president trump stated his abuse wouldn't nordstrom dropped his daughter and cybele. "my daughter if unger has been treated so unfairly by nordstrom, she is a great person always pushing me to do the right thing. terrible." critics say by a blasting nordstrom, the president is further blurring the line between his administration and his family business, here's the white house response. >> for someone to take out their concern with his policies on a family member of his is just not acceptable in the president has every right as a father to stand up to them. >> nordstrom says this was strictly a business decision but the company has issued a statement supporting immigrants in the wake of the temporary travel ban.
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tucker? >> tucker: thanks a lot, trace. up next, senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts made herself the champion of the democrats opposition of jeff sessions, we will talk to hugh hewitt about what this means for her future. republicans fought harder to block president obama's agenda and now democrats want to take obstructionism into the next level. will talk to a house member who says his party has actually been prettyn accommodating, despite appearances, that's coming up. plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am. batteries you can trust against the ear hair you can't. without them you're conducting business with an armpit on the side of your head. that's not just some battery. that's a duracell battery. that's a power you can trust.
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>> tucker: the u.s. senate may not have many rap artists but it can still have rap style feuds. the latest one is between
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elizabeth warren and republican majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky. earlier this hour you saw the spat between the two when it mcconnell solace worn on the senate floor after she tried to suggest that jeff sessions is a racist. the press immediately attempted to turn warren into a martyr over her silencing, is mcconnell's move a smart one what to mark dumb one? hugh hewitt is a longtime observer, a national syndicated radio program also the author of it new book called "the fourth way" excellence for coming on. >> thank for having me. >> tucker: no one disputes this is consistent with senate rules, but needless to say the reaction was he's a sexist, he can't handle strong women. was this a wise play politically long term? >> it's a brilliant move by the leader for a couple of reasons. he is trying to restore a chamber that harry reid destroyed. he almost every senate
6:21 pm
tradition in tatters, all of the pillars are down and peered there at each other's throats. mitch mcconnell if you read his memoir the long game, he really is a traditionalist, he would like to restore the decorum in the process to the senates. in my view as a republican as a partisan, making elizabeth warren the face of the democratic party is a brilliant stroke. if they can tag team her with bernie sanders and you can have a liberal law professor from massachusetts and a socialist from vermont tag team leadership of the democratic party, i am very happy. the last time a left-wing law professor led the democratic party at the end of his eight years, they were down 12 seats in the senate, 50 plus seats in the house, 14 governorships and 900 state legislators, i'm all for left-wing law professors becoming the face of the democratic party. >> tucker: i don't know though, i see your point i think it's a smart point, i'd bet money that if she had received a democratic nomination should be president right now, because she is in line with what democratic
6:22 pm
votes think, she has a worldview, she can articulate it i come i don't agree with it, but she is not just an identity politics person, she's got a consistent left-wing economic view that has a lot of support in the country. >> she is also a very good law professor, i want to give her credit where credit is due. tom cotton had her in class and said she's a fine professor. honestly, i don't think hillary clinton was that bad of a candidate that elizabeth warren would have been so much better, she would have one. america is a center-right country as noted by the other elections i pointed out, the loss of the symptom of the loss of the house. the loss of the governorships, the 900 state legislatures. elizabeth warren's hard left, dodd-frank is not working. she stands for an economics that has very little constituency outside the echo chamber of the democratic party. i do believe it's great for mitch mcconnell to throw loose at a law professor and say live by the rules for the senate. >> tucker: i also in this debate, i'm sure you follow the
6:23 pm
debate such as it was over senator sessions his confirmation, you heard people say just about everything about him. cedric richman who is a democratic congressman from louisiana compared him to bull connor, even ten years ago would have been a pretty heavy thing to say. i wonder if anyone even noticed. if anyone is bull connor is anyone bull connor does this have an effect in a more question marks because that's the key question. it's a very dispiriting. i've worked for two attorney general's. they're both fine men. jeff sessions is arguably the best prepared men to be attorney general and the last 50 years. deputy assistant u.s. attorney. united states attorney. at state attorney general. four times a united states senator on the judiciary committee. everybody in the democratic caucus knows better than what they said it. they will tell you that off the record. it's disgraceful what they said about sessions, he will be a great ag. i do think all standards have gone and i blame harry reid who by the way also enabled it just
6:24 pm
sessions get confirmed by using the reed rule to destroy the filibuster. it's harry reid's legacy, it's a mess. it's a completely uncivil place that i don't know mitch mcconnell can repair even if he wants to. i'm not sure we want to repair it until after gorsuch is confirmed. >> tucker: it's an uncivil country out all of a sudden. you wrote a book on the fourth way, what's the fourth way? >> the fourth way is a succession to big government, ronald reagan's attempt to roll it back, tony blair and bill clinton's two rebranded, the fourth way is to merge it with what donald trump wants to do infrastructure, a 350 ship navy which i think he should get, the wall which i think you should get, regulatory reform. and reagan republicanism. paul ryan republicanism, we need entitlement reform. "the fourth way" is a merger of the two brands of republicanism out there. of president trump one, he should get what he wants. paul ryan is actually the soul is our ideology and big reforms
6:25 pm
on the entitlement side and that's the way to do it, merge them. >> tucker: if those groups can live together, that would be formidable, thanks a lot for the spread of >> always a pleasure, send your last guest a copy of the looming tower, he needs to read a little bit. >> tucker: thank you, hugh. the nominees for the trump administration are being confirmed at the slowest pace ever, democrats are talking impeachment, will talk to one congressman who says his party's behavior hasn't been that bad, actually, that's next
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>> tucker: democrats in congress are opposed to donald trump's presidency in every conceivable way, capita nominees are confirmed at the slowest pace since george washington's first term, democrats are already talking impeachment. in a new political poll saves most democrats support obstruction, does that mean this will continue, the good luck with mark despite this obstructionism, democrats have been more accommodating than republicans were under the previous president, he for baltimore. i think the republicans did oppose president obama pretty much from the beginning, but they didn't call for his impeachment two weeks in, this doesn't seem like a new standard of unreasonableness. >> yet, but the democrats are not calling for the presidents impeachment because a couple or one or 23 have, they're not calling for his impeachment, most of us recognize that if he commits a high crime or a misdemeanor, by the way the political realities of this such
6:30 pm
that until end this will happen, until a majority of the republicans of the house to see him as a political liability it ain't happening. >> tucker: it says something. just for example, you have these boats, you had that senate minority leader chuck schumer voted against elaine chao and transportation who of course was married to mitch mcconnell, what principle was he holding, does he think she is an extremist or racist? >> i don't know. i don't know what's in chuck schumer's head. there is no question that what used to be a body of great comedy, showing great deference to each other is not that anymore, it's not just chuck schumer. a lot of democrats are still smarting over the fact that judge gorsuch who by all accounts is a widely respected jurist nonetheless is going to take a seat that mitch mcconnell decided without historical precedent and certainly without routing in the constitution that president obama wasn't going to get to a hearing in the senate. yet it seems to be a pretty ugly
6:31 pm
place these days but you can hardly pin the blame on democrats there. >> tucker: they share part of the blame but you make a fair point, they didn't even have a hearing on merrick garland and i think they should have, i agree with you on that. what i worry about is a lot of the ideas that trump has that democrats under normal circumstance would be open to, they say they believe in these things, because they're calling him a, they won't even talk about them. infrastructure, canadian drug reimportation, no entitlement reform. these are things that democrats have supported for a generation, are they can to meet him on these things, are they going to support him? >> tucker: set back a second, calling him a nazi? what if we characterized the entire republican party as joe wilson, you always have your loudmouths in both parties. the democratic party is not calling president trump is eight nazi, were calling him problematic. i sit on the intelligence committee, i spent a good part
6:32 pm
of my day looking at what russia is trying to do to us and what they didn't do it to us in the election get the new president finds it in his day to call out nordstrom's to call a judge a "so-called judge," to attack the media, he hasn't made one critical comment about russia. >> tucker: talked about this before. if you can find evidence they influence the outcome of the election lamp let's do in our oxford >> that's a standard that succeeded? that's the standard? >> tucker: if it's relevant in any weight to the lives of anyway. we could do a special audit. let me get to the policy it, it's been up for her to bed for 20 years, canadian drug reimportation, the idea you can buy drugs cheaper than american-made, lower public and has been for this, trump us for this, democrats have said wear for this, will they be for it suggests it? >> you make a good invariable point here, it's available point because you're absolutely right. coming from connecticut where i come from, i am so hungry for an
6:33 pm
infrastructure planet that helps the fact that one of the biggest economic drugs in my part of the world is people can't get to work in the morning. whatever else trump says, if he gets serious about infrastructure, you almost can't not work with the republicans to make that happen and a drug reimportation, any number of things. the reason this is really disappointing is when he really goes off the rails, when he starts apparently supporting russia, when he starts calling out judges, when he starts damaging things like freedom of the press, the window begins to close as you pointed out, you hear it from elements of our party already saying under no circumstances should you work with this guy. that's exactly what republicans did eight years ago so i'm hardly going to criticize that instinct but it is sad because he has said some things that we would love to work with him on but by god he's closing that window pretty rapidly. it's been whose interest are you serving what you mark what you're saying is he says naughty things on twitter, he doesn't have a lot of self-control. therefore, i'm not going to work on behalf of my constituents for
6:34 pm
things i've said for years i was for? >> did i just said that? , try as you might, tucker, what i said was i would be really hungry to work on infrastructure, to work on some of the things that he's talked about, but the political realities are such that if he keeps behaving the way he's behaving -- his behavior appalls republicans as much is it appalls democrats, if he keeps doing that he's gradually closing a window that will make it harder and harder to reach across the aisle. look, i have all kinds of needs in my district and i want to work with a republican president. there does come a point, it's not just being naughty on twitter, it's striking at the very foundations of the freedom of the press of how the intelligence community serves the president. >> tucker: the freedom of the press quotes what to mark the a administration pulled the phone records of one of our reporters
6:35 pm
at fox, i don't remember democrats passing symbolic resolutions. >> i can't remember if i spoke about about it, there were things about in the obama administration -- try as you might, just because you can find one example of a naughty thing that the other administration did it did not justify far more egregious violations. president obama never called up the failing "new york times" he never even picked on you guys even though he was more than warranted in doing so. the false equivalence is absurd. >> tucker: i was more attentive to the former's present statements on the press. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thanks, tucker. spin up next, and exclusive much closer look at eight mismanaged va facility responsible for the deaths of numerous veterans. has anything improved after three years of working on at? we've got to report that will rattle you, stay tuned for that.
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>> tucker: dozens of veterans died while awaiting for care at the va facility in phoenix, arizona, because the national outrage as you remember. president obama had this to say at the time. >> over the last few months, we discovered some inexcusable misconduct at some va health care facilities. stories of our veterans denied the care they needed. long wait times being covered up, cooking the books. this is wrong. it's outrageous. >> tucker: wrong, outrageous, indignant, various government officials swore the facility would approve. if the question is did it improve? we sent will to investigate that, what did you find? >> they've really had a revolving door of directors, the latest director tells me that they are making significant. some of the veterans and whistleblowers we spoke with said nothing could be further from the truth. they actually question the latest director and her troubled resume. they ask if she's really the one who can turn things around.
6:41 pm
>> three receptor dozens of veterans death blamed in part on the lack of care at the va, one of the original list whistleblowers said the recent investigation show the facility is still a disaster. >> after scandal hit in april 2014, money ported to this place like there was no tomorrow. the annual budget was increased over $100 million per year and yet which times continued to get worse, veterans continue to die. >> recently revealed rankings said it's still one of the worst in the country raising big questions over the director rima nelson who took over in october of last year. >> in your mind right now want to tend to him what you think the status of this facility is compared to 2014? >> i wasn't here in 2014, so i don't have all the details, i know what happened. with the issue of 2014, i don't have all the information. >> let me ask you this way, what
6:42 pm
do you think the rating is of the facility right now compared to where you wanted to get it to be? >> what i wanted to be? all of us would want it to be a ten if the scale is from 1 to 10. but were not there. a >> where are you realistically right now? >> i won't give that number only because we have a lot of work to do still. >> she's in seventh director to run the phoenix d.a. since the scandal broke in 2014. she's been tasked to turn things around but comes with magic baggage. when that st. louis va, the hospital had to notify more than 1800 patients i had been potentially exposed to hiv after intermezzo found to be unsanitary. enteral investigators found a dialysis patient died after failing to get adequate care. >> to understand after everything that's happened at this facility, veterans would have concerns about what happened in st. louis? >> i understand, because if they read the headlines, the
6:43 pm
headlines would paint a different story. >> narrator: nelson said she took action and then was transferred to that va's facility in the philippines. one announcing her appointment, an obama holdover who is now va secretary nominee was pressed. >> when we looked at these issues we saw a leader who was decisive, acting with veterans interests. >> investigation shows that problems both before and after she started continue to plague facility. a recent investigation showed that one veterans death in 2015 it could have been prevented had he received a proper exam. investigators also found the phoenix va continues to struggle with significant weight times. ricky barnes has been receiving care for almost two decades and said his appointments continued to be delayed or canceled. >> appointments are being extended beyond the 30 days or 40 days. >> narrator: at the latest wait time of turmoil was brought forward by whistleblower
6:44 pm
rodriguez. in january, federal investigators thanked him for his courage but he continues to work at the facility says he is now facing fierce retaliation. it >> it's living hell. i get excluded from everything. my duties have been stripped from me since day one and since they knew i was the whistleblower. >> he says he's been curtailed in the programs he's working with. >> i can't give you a specific response because i don't know of any specific action that would specific response that would address that directly. >> if you found out that there was retaliation. >> we would do something about it. >> narrator: rodrigues says he had email proof that he was aware of the retaliation claims and nothing is changed. nearly half a dozen veterans spoke with said the only hope for the men and women now depend on the phoenix va lies in the
6:45 pm
new administration for its >> we need a bulldog in there somewhere. >> set to be confirmed as va secretary, he said his top priority is to cut through red tape and increase trust. he has a long way to go, i spoke with john mccain who passed a choice act back in 2014 for thi this. senator mccain told me today it is a national shame that these problems are still going on. >> tucker: tough place to run, thanks a lot for that. a little-known bureaucratic change from the department of agriculture could imperil thousands of lab animals including many dogs, will talk to someone who's sounding the alarm on that and not a minute too soon, stay tuned
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>> tucker: the u.s. department of agriculture has for some reason stopped publicly providing a large amount of animal welfare information on this web site. lab inspection reports had been removed, the department is saying they raised privacy concerns. it might sounds like a minor bureaucratic shuffle but animal welfare advocates say thousands of dogs and cats used in animal testing could needlessly die as a result of this. kevin chase is vice president of an animal welfare group he joined us in the studio yesterday along with his beagle, called george. watch. thanks for joining us. if i've got this right, usda has taken off-line among other things, inspection reports that were available to the public and they are doing this in the name of "transparency," un-orwellian spirits. why did they do this and what are the implications what's marked >> why they did it is anybody's guess it's not in the name of transparency. all commercial animal facilities across the country, about 7,000 of them, 1200 of which are laboratories all went black on
6:51 pm
friday. organizations like ours, government watchdog groups, the press relies on the usda database for our work. if. our charity alone, we use this database every day to identify which laboratories are using dogs and cats so we can reach out them, when you're done with the research, we will take a dog just like george washington who came from a laboratory here in the area and will provide them a great home. we have to let them know who has these dogs. without these databases, it's complete silence. it >> tucker: i had to ask you this question because it's so upsetting but what happens to the dogs. >> there is summarily killed, that's the standard operating procedure in a lot of places. if they don't get an invitation from a rescue charity it like it beagle freedom project then sadly these dogs do die. spoon just to be clear, i'm very pro-animals, some of the animal rights groups are lunatics and resort to violence. you're not one of those. you're not planning to go attack a testing facility or firebomb anything for >> we've existed
6:52 pm
for five years and we've worked with 36 states and eight countries, rescued over 1200 ana second chance at life. we follow-up with the researchers that gave us the dogs showing pictures of dogs in the new home, our messages this. no matter where you fall on that animal testing debate whether you think it's a tragic necessity or a moral atrocity, there's, the middle ground and that's what we should be able to find homes for the survivors. without the database, if the university starts using dogs tomorrow in virginia or maryland or anywhere else in the country, we want to know. we want to be able to approach them. >> tucker: clearly this is a result of lobbying by somebody, the interested parties are probably pretty obvious i wouldn't want to speculate pretty much beyond that. people have their pet issues and they use the first couple weeks to get them through. it doesn't seem a little weird though as a first move, this. were you notified this was going to happen? >> we had no idea this was going
6:53 pm
to happen, we use it every day. we are really hopeful this is a transition issue like you're saying and that the president -- president trump ran on a campaign on a law & order campaign. without this database, the people breaking the law and being censured for animal cruelty and violate things the animal welfare act are now hidden and unaccountable. we're really hoping the president will call somebody on the usda and put this back online. >> tucker: that's exactly why i wanted to have you on, so many things happen and things fall through the cracks you never know what's going on. this is one specific case where you could say this is not serving the public at all. to the testing question, i think like a lot of people i'm on the tragic necessity side. it horrifies me that it happens, if it's between a child and a dog, you'd probably go with a child, of course he would. i fear is a a longtime washington resident that funding drives some of this experimentation beyond the point that is necessary it's redundant because they're getting money. is that true? >> it is, there is a lot of
6:54 pm
waste within the nih, it goes to fund a lot of these controversial animal experiments that are redundant, many have failed. sometimes the researchers even know that this cannot replicate what they've already done but they'll do the research on the dog or whatever animal anyway because they have the funding and why not? >> tucker: before you hurt a dog you have to prove there's a good reason to do that. >> 100%, we don't like animal testing and we go out of our way to provide grants to universities to pioneer new models and methodologies to replace dogs like george washington and laboratories, we just gave a $50,000 grant to johns hopkins yesterday for their evidence toxicology collaboration. we want there to be a day where we don't use these animals and labs and who were willing to work with the research community, help fund the nonanimal alternatives. also take those dogs that survive and give them a good home, who could say no to that? >> tucker: gotta bless you,
6:55 pm
you're really doing the lord's work, so thank you. up next, university is trying to deal with outraged students after they dare to offer a scholarship to men. even though female scholarship's are just fine, that breaking story, just ahead tburn. it's always lurking around. but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr.
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this is not a this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield
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that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away. i think it's over there. that way? yeah, a little further up. what year was that quarter? what year is that one? '98 that's the one. you got it! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. let's get out of that water. >> tucker: disproportionate outrage over an incredibly minor problems isn't just an american phenomenon, sadly. according to the sydney morning herald in australia, several students are furious because the veterinary school is offering a scholarship aimed at men appeared the veterinary school is already 90% female and it does offer scholarships for women that nobody objects to. nevertheless, the officer on the student representative council said "to have male only scholarships is to continue male privilege within society sexism will not be eradicated until every male is driven off campus
7:00 pm
and into electrical engineering school. that's the report from australia, tune in every night at 9:00 for the show that's the sworn enemy, the great sean hannity is live and starts now, have a great night. ♪ >> sean: thanks, tucker, this is a fox news alert, 700 jeff sessions has now been confirmed by the u.s. senate to serve as the attorney general in the trump administration, tonight jay sekulow and pam bondi will react in just a few moments. senator elizabeth warren emerges as the new face of the ultraleft democratic party and she appears to do or say anything to hurt president trump and sell her new book. tonight, we'll look into who senator warns really is and that's tonight's opening monologue. spent senator elizabeth warren who has a very controversial past which we will get to in just a m


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